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Why My IP Address temporarily Blocked and How to Unblock it?

Why My IP Address temporarily Blocked and How to Unblock it
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Is your IP Address Blocked? Are you unable to access it? Then, definitely, a few questions must be bothering you right now. You must be anxious to know why it happened, what are the ways to unblock it, and so on. As a result, we are here to help you out. We will try to answer all your query in this article. It will be a complete guide Why your IP Address temporarily Blocked and How to Unblock it? . Hence, keep on reading…

What is an IP Address?

Let’s start from the basic. If you are a person who is not much interested in tech, then you must be unaware of what an IP address is. So, let me tell you that first. An IP address is nothing but your address on the internet. It is a medium through which you are connected to the internet. It is a unique identity that each device connected to the internet has. Furthermore, it allows individuals to connect and communicate with each other.

Why IP Address is Blocked?

Following are a few reasons due to which your IP Address can be temporarily blocked:

Excessive Login Attempts:

If a user has done multiple failed attempts to log in from a specific computer(Ip address) , then such an IP address can be blocked automatically by the firewall for security reasons. It generally happens on filling the wrong username or password.


One of the other reasons for it can be Geo-blocking. Sometimes, IP Addresses from specific regions are restricted by sites Or stores to assess their platform. When such addresses try to assess them then they can be temporarily blocked by them.

Suspicious Activity

If suspicious activity is expected from a specific IP Address, then such an IP Address is temporarily blocked for security purposes. For this reason, as well your IP Address can be blocked.

Violating Policies

If your IP Address is violating the rules and policies of any service provider present over the internet then it can also block your IP address temporarily.

Ways to Unblock Your IP Address

There are various methods to unblock your IP Address. A few of them are as follows:

Contacting Web Owner

The first and simplest method is to just contact the web owner or their customer service team. Tell them about your problem and they will sort it out. For it, you have to provide them with your IP address. For it, you can go to the section named ‘contact us’.

Update Your Computer

Using a computer with an older version or software can also lead to such problems. As the older versions are more vulnerable to malware such as viruses, as a result, IP Addresses of such devices are temporarily blocked for security purposes. Hence, by updating your software from time to time you can not only solve this problem but can even prevent it.

Check Whether Your IP Address is Blacklisted or Not

Blacklisting can also be a reason for a blocked IP Address. It generally happens when an IP Address is expected to be indulged in spamming or hacking, in order to prevent them from accessing the network.

If you are blocked for the same then first fall you are required to find out the reason for blacklisting and then try to solve it. After solving it, visit the blacklisting website and simply, follow their delisting instruction to get your IP unblocked.

New IP Address

One of the most easiest and quickest method is to get a new IP address. It is legal and safe to do so. It can happen when you either change your network or location. Hence, by changing any one of them, you can easily solve this problem.

Using a VPN

The last option that is left with you to solve your problem is to make use of VPN. VPN will help you by actually hiding your actual IP address and will connect you to the website through another IP address that belongs to some other location. It can be used for such a purpose but is normally used for security purposes only.


Generally, IP Addresses are not blocked by mistake. They are mostly blocked for spamming or hacking, but still, if your IP Address is blocked then it is easy to get it unblocked by following the above-mentioned steps. We hope this article was useful. Please tell us your view in the comment section below.

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