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The Ultimate Guide to Fixing Why Facebook Reels Are Not Showing?

Why Facebook Reels Are Not Showing
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Facebook Reels are short-form videos that are very popular among people, and they spend a lot of time creating them. However, after successfully creating reels, users encounter some issues with Facebook reels. The problem is that the reels are not showing, despite successfully creating and uploading them, and this can be frustrating for users who depend on Facebook Reels to engage with their audience and grow their following. In this article, we will explore some of the possible reasons why your Facebook Reels may not be showing up and provide solutions to help you troubleshoot the problem. So to know more about Why Facebook Reels Are Not Showing? Keep reading till the end.

Reasons Why Your Facebook Reels Are Not Showing

There are a number of possible causes for why you are unable to view Facebook Reels. Many reasons are given below.The Reels feature hasn’t been made available to people like you yet.

  • Problems connecting to the Internet.
  • Outdated app.
  • Facebook’s servers are down.
  • Corrupt cache.
  • Your device is connected to VPN
  • Your device may be activated on low data mode

How To Fix Facebook Reels Display Issues

  • Switch your Facebook accounts on various devices
  • Close your current session and then reopen it
  • Update your Facebook App
  • Do a clean boot (Android)
  • Install the Facebook Newest Version
  • Turn off and on your wireless network in “airplane mode”
  • Remove the App and reinstall it
  • Check the Appropriate Part
  • Verify your account turned on
  • Restart your Mobile /tablet /computer devices
  • Verify your online status
  • Swap between wireless and data networks
  • Facebook Server Down
  • VPN disconnect
  • Contact Facebook Support

Don’t worry if you are facing the issues on Facebook. You can permanently access your Facebook reels after following the steps. Read on to find out “Why Facebook Reels are not Showing” and what you can do to resolve it. Below are the steps:

# Switch Your Facebook Accounts On Various Devices

  • To solve this problem you can Switch your Facebook accounts on various devices because Facebook videos may appear in one profile but not in another.
  • If the reel segment is displayed on another device, the issue lies with your device and not Facebook. If you just have an outdated device, you still have alternatives for watching videos and displaying clips.

# Close Your Current Session And Then Reopen

  • After signing out of the Facebook app and then back in, a huge number of users claim  that they were able to watch Reels on Facebook.
  • Hence, it is conceivable that they are temporarily hidden due to a malfunction or issue on your Facebook account.
  • You may check if they have been removed from your account by logging out, waiting a few minutes, and then logging back in.

# Update Your Facebook App

  • To solve this error keep your Facebook apps up to date. Due to a bug, Facebook pages and comments may temporarily disappear. Many of Facebook’s updates include fixes for critical bugs.
  • You should see if there is an update available. If you want to check for updates, visit the App Store. Simply entering “Facebook” into the search bar will reveal whether or not there are any available updates; if there are, you can then select the update button.

# Do Clean Boot

With an Android device, you can clear the Facebook app’s cache to get rid of any outdated or broken files.

  • To access Apps and notifications, open the Settings menu on your device.
  • Find the option to see all apps.
  • Please scroll down the page to locate the Facebook option. To continue, please tap the button.
  • Choose Cache & Storage from the menu.
  • To clear the cache, select the corresponding button.
  • Try starting the program again, and it should now function correctly.

# Install The Facebook Newest Version

  • If none of the methods worked, uninstalling and reinstalling Facebook may help.
  • Reinstalling Apps fixes most issues.
  • Enable Facebook Reels in app settings.

# Turn Off And On Your Wireless Network in “Airplane Mode”

Internet troubleshooting begins with restarting the connection. Restarting the connection fixes issues. This reboots your device’s network switches.

  • Airplane mode disables all network connections at once, resetting your connection.
  • Swipe down to access your phone’s quick settings.
  • Finally, press “Airplane Mode.”
  • Turn off Airplane Mode to reconnect to WiFi.
  • Restart Facebook to test Reels.

# Remove The App And Reinstall It

If nothing else has worked, try uninstalling the Facebook app from your mobile device and then reinstalling it.

  • Erases all app data, forcing reinstallation.
  • Reinstalling the program downloads the latest version.
  • Logging out and back in will happen. This has solved issues before.
  • Reinstalling the Facebook app and logging it again.

# Check The Appropriate Part

There are three distribution points for Reels:

  • When you first launch the app, you’ll notice a ‘Reels’ button just below the status update field.
  • Go to the ‘Menu’ tab and select Reels.
  • After you browse down your news stream for a while, a widget featuring numerous Reels will appear.
  • If you’re viewing a Reel on a company page and want to see all of that person’s work, you can do so by tapping on their profile picture.

# Verify Your Account Turned On

  •  Firstly, Check your account’s Reels eligibility. If your account isn’t qualified, nothing on this checklist will assist.
  • Reels is currently accessible to Facebook profiles. The Meta official app and the latest app version will yield the best results (rather than a third-party Facebook client.)
  • If you’re under 18, your Reels will be private, but you can watch others’.

# Restart Your Mobile /Tablet /Computer Devices

  • It’s quick and easy to solve the problem by just tapping the start/restart button on your smartphone.

# Verify Your Online Status

  • You should verify your internet connection if you encounter an error of this type.
  • Be sure you have a strong WiFi signal and an active internet connection.
  • Verify that mobile data is turned on and that you have adequate network coverage.

# Swap Between Wireless and Data Networks

If you’re still facing trouble connectivity after restarting your WiFi , you can try using mobile data instead . If you want to use mobile data, you must disable WIFI first, as WIFI will always take precedence over mobile data if both are active.

# Facebook Server Down

  • Sometime we all facing an issue on Facebook’s end ,if all you see are blank profiles and no reels. In this situation, resting and relaxing is your best option because you can’t do anything to change the situation.
  • Facebook’s servers or a portion of its services may be having issues. If Content vanished from your smartphone, this usually happens. Facebook used to not allow “liking” posts.
  • If Reels don’t appear in the Facebook app after trying all these solution , Facebook may be encountering technical issues.

# VPN Disconnect

VPNs are excellent for unblocking geo-restricted content, staying anonymous online, and protecting your network, but they slow down your connection. This is because a VPN service must first link you to servers in other countries to access the site or service you desire. Data transmission time is called latency. Instead of using a VPN, connect to WIFI or mobile data to access Reels.

# Contact Facebook Support

If all else fails, try the last steps. Finally, contact Facebook’s support and take help. Send them a letter outlining your request. This solves your problem.


We try to solve the problem by giving all the solutions to “Why Facebook Reels are not showing.” ? Through the use of all these solutions, you can come out of the Why Facebook Reels Are Not Showing issue. We have shared the most possible solutions here, so if you use all these solutions, we hope by using these tips  you can solve this error and you can continue creating and sharing engaging videos on Facebook Reels.

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