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Why Am I Losing A Lot Of Friends On Facebook?

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Have you lost some friends from your Facebook friend list? Once you found out about that weird Facebook problem, and sometimes this action creates misunderstandings between friends, you may wonder why you are losing a lot of friends from your Facebook list. If you want to know the reason, keep reading.

Facebook does not delete your friends

However, Facebook provides to users all the permissions they need to manage their friends list by adding or removing friends. If a user chooses to unfriend someone on Facebook, that person will be removed from their friends list and will no longer have access to their profile or updates. But sometimes some users may experience issues with their friends list or connections on Facebook due to account-related issues, like suspicious activity. In this situation,Facebook would remove your friends without their permission or knowledge. Because Facebook wants to keep your privacy safe. In this post, we discussed why you might be losing a lot of Facebook friends.

Why Are You losing a lot of friends on facebook?

There could be many reasons for losing friends on Facebook. Some common ones are: If it is possible in your Facebook settings, Facebook should not automatically delete your Facebook friends. or, There are a number of suspicious reasons why friends might be missing from your list of friends. You might have been unfriended, or you might have unfriended or blocked someone by accident. Here are some of the reasons you might be losing a lot of Facebook friends.

  • Privacy concerns
  • You might have been unfriended
  • Friends may have deactivated or deleted their accounts.
  • Someone may have hacked into your account.
  • Facebook updates

Privacy concerns

Sometimes, in order to keep your privacy safe, Facebook periodically removes inactive or fake accounts from its platform so that the integrity of Facebook is maintained. So Facebook may decrease the number of friends on your friend list, as some of your connections may have been removed by Facebook’s algorithm.

You might have been unfriended

Some of your friends may have unfriended you because you haven’t talked to them in a while or because you haven’t done anything with them. Sometimes you have it removed accidentally.

Friends may have deactivated or deleted their accounts.

Sometimes the friend’s account has been erased due to some problems, which may be your friend’s account getting hacked. If your friend deletes their account, it will also be removed from your list of friends. You can search for the friend, but if you don’t find them, either their account has been deleted or their new account is set up so that it can’t be found in search.

Someone may have hacked your account.

Your account may have been broken into. Facebook says that if a lot of your friends have left, your account has probably been hacked. You should change your Facebook password as soon as possible, at the very least. Think about using two-factor authentication with an authenticator app, a text message, or the Facebook Authenticator, which is built into the mobile app. You can find these settings under “Security” in Facebook’s settings. You should never tell anyone your Facebook password, and you should always log in at

Facebook updates

If a user has problems with their Facebook friends list or connections after an update, it could be because of a technical issue or something wrong with their account. When this happens, Facebook users should contact customer service to get help fixing the problem.Overall, Facebook may have some bugs or problems, but it’s unlikely that changes to the site would cause a user’s friends to be deleted without their knowledge or permission.


So we have given all possible reasons why you are losing your friends on Facebook. I hope your doubts will be cleared about this problem.

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