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Where to Buy Among Us Funko Pop in 2023(Complete guide)?

Where to Buy Among Us Funko Pop in 2023?
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If you are an among us fan who is simply obsessed with the game, then you must be crazy about the Among Us Funko pops that Funko recently released. Here your eagerness ends, because we are here to help you out and to solve all your confusion. This article will be a review of Among Us Funko Pop. We will discuss everything about Among Us Funko Pop, including its availability, features, and most importantly, whether it is worth buying or not. To know, more about Among Us Funko Pop keep on reading…

What is Among us?

You must be aware of what Among Us is, but as this will be a complete guide. So, let me explain quickly what Among Us is. For unknowns, Among Us is a Video game in which a space theme is given by the developer, in which players have an alien sort of character. It is a multiplayer game in which you will either become the Imposter(who will kill all the other players secretly, without being noticed) or the crew member (who will perform the assigned task and will try to identify the imposter). It is actually an interesting detective sort of game. In my opinion, you must try it once.

What are Funko pops?

In simple terms, Funko Pops are a kind of toy, they are a little cute 3d figure or statue of anything, but mostly of cartoon characters. They are figures which are around 4-5 inches tall with Oversize heads that can shake their head here and there because of a spring. Somewhere similar to a showpiece that we place on the dashboards of our Cars. They are developed by an American company named Funko.

Where to Buy Among Us Funko Pop in 2023?

As mentioned above you can buy them easily from the official website. A few of the most preferred websites for the purchase of Funko Pop are Flipkart and eBay.

It is also available on the websites such as Amazon, Mercari, etc. You can check the one as per your convenience. The website suitable for you will vary as per the Funko Pop that you want to purchase because some of them are exclusively available on a particular website only. You can even purchase them from physical stores of Target,  Walmart, Walgreens, Hot Topic, etc. They are even available on their websites as well.

Is among us pop worth buying?

The answer to this question depends on you. If you are a person who loves the characters of which Funko pops are available and you actually want to have their physical toys with you, then they are definitely worth buying. If we talk about quality then no compromise is done by Funko in that. Hence, it is a thumbs up from our side.

How to buy among us Funko pop?

Recently, Funko has released the Funko pops that resemble the crew members Or the characters of Among Us. Among us was actually one of the famous games during the lockdown period, giving an opportunity to each one to play together by sitting at our respective places. These Funko Pops are an Ideal purchase for the Among Us followers. They are really cute and identical to Among Us characters. The question that arises is How we can actually buy these Among Us Funko Pops. Nowadays, these Funko Pops are easily available on E-commerce Websites such as Amazon. You can even buy them on the official website of the Funko itself.

Following are the steps to purchase it from the official website:

  • You can purchase them by searching for the official website of Funko in your search engine or Browser. You can even click on this link to access the website directly
  • As you will open it, you will get the option to purchase the latest arrival on the Home page itself, or you can click on the Fandom tab available on the top.
  • Now, you can choose the category as per your choice.
  • You will see a variety of Funko Pop on your screen. You can purchase the one you want by adding them to your cart.
  • After adding all the Funko Pop you can go to the cart and click on secure checkout for purchase.
  • After that, follow the instructions to make the payment. Various payment options are available on the website such as Visa, Master Card, etc.


Among Us Funko Pops was recently launched in the market which got a good response from the fans. They are easily available, you can find them on the official website. We hope this article was useful. Please tell us your opinion in the comment section below.

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