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What is Kahoot And How Does It Work?

What's Kahoot! and How Does It Work?
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Have you ever heard of Kahoot? It is an online game-based learning platform that has become increasingly popular among students and teachers alike. It is an interactive, engaging, and fun way to learn and teach. In this article, we will discuss what Kahoot is, how it works, and how it can be used in the classroom.

What is Kahoot!

Kahoot is an online platform that allows teachers to create and share interactive learning games and activities with their students. It is a great tool for teachers to use to make learning fun and engaging for their students. Teachers can create quizzes, polls, surveys, and other activities that can be used in the classroom or remotely. Users can increase interaction by including media like videos, photos, and diagrams in their inquiries. Kahoot isn’t just for students, contrary to common misconception; anybody from students to employees can utilize it. Kahoot! games always deliver on their promise to make education more fun.

The web-based, cloud service is compatible with most gadgets. This implies that students can use their own personal computers, tablets, or smartphones in the classroom or at home.

Starting a game on Kahoot is simple, as there are already over 40 million available. Perfect for situations where time and proximity to the instructor are both limited.

Kahoot is easy to use because all you need to do is sign up for an account. Kahoot! may be accessed by students from any location with an internet connection and on most mobile devices.

How Does it Work for Teachers?

Kahoot is very useful and easy to use for teachers. They can create their own activities or choose from a library of pre-made activities. Once they have created an activity, they can share it with their students via a link or code. Students can then join the game using the link or code. The teacher can then monitor the progress of the game and track student performance.

Let’s talk about features of Kahoot!


Students may make a game out of beating their own best scores using the Ghost function, which is a terrific way to motivate them to keep improving. You can review a quiz as many times as you like, which is great for making sure the material sticks.


If you use the data analytics of the outcomes to determine which students and which topics they struggled with, you may better tailor your instruction to each student’s needs.


The vast majority of Kahoot! quizzes were made by other teachers and are available for your use at no cost. Kahoots can be combined to create the ultimate quiz.

Assess students first

Kahoot quizzes are a fun method to assess your students’ prior knowledge on a topic before deciding whether to keep things basic or add more depth.

Utilize several forms of media

It’s simple to embed videos from YouTube. Having pupils view a film with the expectation that they would be quizzed afterward is an excellent technique to promote learning. Images and, in the case of the iOS app, your own drawings, can also be added.

How to Create your own Kahoot?

  • You may learn more about Kahoot! by checking out their website at OR, you may go to the app store and get the Kahoot!
  • To sign up for an account, just click the “Sign Up” button on the homepage.
  • A user’s ability to make their own games and quizzes depends on whether or not they have an account. Select the “Create” option from the menu bar to initiate the creation process.
  • Afterwards, the game’s title, description, and cover art must be added. The user has the option of using an existing photo from their device, taking a new one on the fly, or selecting one from the platform’s in-house image library.
  • To access more options, click the gear next to the title field. You can choose whether people can join your Kahoot or not.
  • The Kahoot-making process, in a nutshell. As long as you tap Add Question, you’ll be able to see a wide range of question types, from multiple-choice to puzzle to word cloud.
  • Kahoot answers are added after questions are added. Depending on the nature of the topic, the user can choose to display either correct or incorrect responses, and can also adjust the allotted amount of time for answering the question.
  • Users can also incorporate media like films and photographs into Kahoots to increase participation.
  • Finally, take a peek at the preview to see how your finished Kahoot games will appear to your students.
  • If everything seems good, select Save and the Kahoot will be added to the collection.


Kahoot! is an interactive online platform that allows teachers to create and share engaging learning games and activities with their students. It is a great tool for teachers to use to make learning fun and engaging for their students. It has a user-friendly interface, allows users to create custom quizzes, uses a game-based learning approach, provides real-time feedback, has powerful analytics capabilities, and allows users to connect with other users. These features make Kahoot! an invaluable tool for teachers and students alike, making learning more engaging and enjoyable.

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