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Why Your Snapchat Account Is Locked and How to Unlock It?

Why Your Snapchat Account Is Locked and How to Unlock It
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Snapchat is a very famous social media app especially popular among younger where people make their videos and share with their friends. It also allows users to add filters, text, stickers, create and share “stories,” that are available to view for 24 hours before they disappear. But the problem arises when your Snapchat Account Is Locked and you are not able to unlock it. Here we will be discussing why your Snapchat account is locked, what you can do to unlock it, and how to prevent it from happening again. So keep reading to learn more about this issue.

Why Your Snapchat Account Is Locked?

Many people have experienced this issue and it can be quite frustrating.Snapchat accounts can be locked for a variety of reasons, and this can be done indefinitely or temporarily.

Unauthorized login attempts

One of the most common reasons why your Snapchat account may be locked is due to too many unauthorized login attempts. If someone tries to log into your account multiple times using the wrong password, Snapchat will lock the account for security reasons. This is done to protect your account from hackers or other malicious actors. To unlock your account, you will need to reset your password and provide additional information to verify your identity.

Violation of Terms of Service

Another reason why your Snapchat account may be locked is due to a violation of the Terms of Service. Snapchat has a strict set of rules that all users must follow in order to use the platform. If you violate any of these rules, your account may be locked. Examples of violations include posting inappropriate content, sending spam messages, or using third-party apps to access Snapchat. To unlock your account, you will need to contact Snapchat support and explain why you violated the Terms of Service.

How to Unlock Snapchat Account?

If your snapchat account is locked and want to unlock your account, than first of all you have to keep a combination of technical knowledge and patience because Unlocking a Snapchat account can be a tricky process. Using a third-party app, By Submitting a Request and resetting the password, these methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to understand the differences between them before attempting to unlock a Snapchat account.

By Submitting a Request

Get your Snapchat account unlocked at Access your account by submitting a request on the unlock page. In order to regain access to Snapchat, you must first uninstall any additional software. If you entered an email or phone number, please confirm it. Before you try to log in again, figure out why you were previously locked out. As a result of taking covert screenshots, users frequently find themselves locked out. Uninstall any additional software before resuming Snapchat use.

Lockouts can also be caused by spam or other unwanted messages. Temporary locks typically only work for a day. Your account will be unlocked in that amount of time. Serious complaints or violations of terms of service might result in lockouts or permanent bans. Your account will remain inaccessible if you have it locked permanently. When the timer expires, go to Snapchat’s website to submit a request to get your account unlocked and then remove any unauthorized third-party apps. Your email or phone number may require verification. Behave yourself from now on.

Resetting the Password

Resetting the password is another method of unlocking a Snapchat account. This method requires the user to provide proof of identity, such as an email address or phone number, in order to reset the password. The advantage of this method is that it is more secure than using a third-party app. Additionally, it does not violate the terms of service of Snapchat, so there is no risk of suspension or deletion. However, resetting the password can be time-consuming and may require multiple attempts before it is successful.

Using a Third-Party App

Using a third-party app to unlock a Snapchat account is the most popular method. These apps are designed to bypass the security measures put in place by Snapchat and allow users to gain access to their accounts. The advantage of using a third-party app is that it is relatively easy to use and can be done quickly. However, there are some drawbacks to using this method. For example, the apps can be unreliable and may not work as intended. Additionally, using a third-party app may violate the terms of service of Snapchat, which could result in the user’s account being suspended or deleted.

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Snapchat Account Unlocking Scammers Services Online

Scammers advertise false Snapchat account unlocking services online, saying they can gain access to your account for a fee or even for free since they are either Snapchat hackers or employees. They might initiate contact with you in various online communities and social media. Such con artists will eventually request payment via gift cards or even PayPal. The service itself could cost money, or you could need to purchase software from the deep web or a PIN in order to have access to your account.

Do not give out your login credentials to anyone, including those who claim to offer assistance in this area, as they are likely to be fraudulent. Scammers who obtain your login credentials may then use them for nefarious purposes, such as accessing your other accounts throughout the web.


Now that you know why your account was locked and how to unlock it, you can take the necessary steps to protect your account and keep it safe.

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