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PS5 restock in India: next pre-order date, time, price, and where can you get one?

PS5 restock in India: next pre-order date, time, price, and where to buy
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Are you looking forward to purchasing Sony’s PS5 game console? PS5restock in India: To know when will it be available, how much will it cost, and where can you get it read whole post.

Sony’s PS5 game console will be available for purchase in India once more on March 24th. Even though Sony’s latest game console was released over a year ago, many enthusiasts are still unable to get their hands on one because of chip shortages. At 12 PM IST, pre-orders will commence. According to Rishi Alwani, a source in the business, deliveries are expected to begin on April 8th.

The PS5 is available in two variants, both of which support 4K gameplay and are backwards compatible with the PS4. ShopatSC has a banner up with information about the next resupply. Amazon, Flipkart, Reliance Digital, Croma, and Vijay Sales, among others, will have limited PlayStation 5 restocks as well. It’s worth noting that the last PS5s were sold in India on February 22nd, 2022.

On the 24th of March 2022, the Sony PS5 will be available for grabs.

Pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 were first made available in India in January of this year. Before, the game console was quickly sold out. For the time being, we should expect a limited supply of the PS5 into the second half of the year at the very least, as Sony told analysts last year. The PS5 has sold 7.8 million copies as of March 31, 2022, according to the company’s recent financial reports.

India’s PS5 retail price and how to purchase it

The PS5 Digital Edition costs Rs 39,990 in India, while the Blu-ray version costs Rs 49,990. Amazon, Flipkart, ShopatSC, Reliance Digital, PrepaidGamerCard, Vijay Sales, and GamesTheShop, among others, will once again sell it. Pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 go live at 12 p.m. IST on March 24th. Some pre-orders may have to be cancelled owing to a lack of inventory.


This time around, Sony is offering the PS5 in two configurations. There are two versions available: one includes a Blu-ray disc and the other, dubbed “Disc-less digital-only edition,” which does not. As with PS4, the game system is backwards compatible. In other words, if you own a PS4, you can play it on a PS5. It includes 16GB of GDDR6 RAM and 825GB of useable internal storage for games.

An NVMe SSD extension card of up to 1TB can be installed in the NVMe SSD slot of the Blu-Ray variant. The octa-core CPU runs at 3.5GHz on Zen 2 cores. It’s rated at 10.28 TFOPs and 36 CUs at 2.33GHz, according to the manufacturer.

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