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Mobile Apps and US Smartphone Users – Interesting Statistics

how many apps an average person use in US.
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Today, people of all age groups are busy with their smartphones and don’t have time for friends and family, this is my personal experience I am sharing, Even when I meet some friends personally, after a few minutes they get involved in their mobiles leaving the conversation midway. People constantly check their phones for notifications, likes, and messages to see what their friends and family are doing which disturbs the talk and irritates the friends, and lead to a neglect of in-person relationships.

Yet, mobile applications (apps) have become crucial to our daily lives, as they facilitate wide variety of useful tasks such as services (like maps), products (like google sheets), and entertainment (games and movie apps).

Let’s check some interesting statistics on How US Smartphone consumers use Mobile Apps :

How many mobile apps does a person use per month in the US?

how many apps an average person use in US.


U.S. Smartphone users interact with approximately 45–46 apps each month. The number of apps used by a person per month in the United States can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including age, gender, occupation, and personal preferences. e.g. Adults use more apps than old age people.

This is just an average, many people who use far fewer or far more apps than this depending on their individual needs and habits

It’s important to note that this figure may have changed since the report was published in 2021

How much time an average user spend on mobile apps per day in US?


Did you know that the average user in the US spends 3 hours and 36 minutes per day using mobile apps? That’s almost as much time as it takes to watch a web series or read a few chapters of a novel ! And it looks like this trend is only going up, with users spending more and more time on their favorite apps. Whether it’s scrolling through Instagram, playing a game of PUBG: Battlegrounds, or shopping on Amazon, Americans are glued to their phones.

Which apps that americans say they can’t do without ?

Apps Americas Can not Live Without

Audience Project conducted a survey in 2020 and asked about the top three favorite mobile apps and revealed the top 10 apps for Americans, Facebook is at the top of this list for the most people and is the app most commonly cited as one they could least do without. Closely linked, Instagram is in second place, while Gmail makes up the top three “essential” apps on mobile. Others are YouTube, Twitter, Chrome, Maps, WhatsApp, Amazon and the last is Messenger.

Which are the top categories in mobile apps visited in the United States?

In some fields, apps for smartphones have become the standard. People most frequently use their smartphones for the aforementioned activities.

96% of all digital time spent using maps in the US was done so on smartphones. Phone apps were used to get 86% of all digital weather content.

In a logical sense, that is correct. The ideal option is certainly a smartphone, as people require access to mapping and GPS services while on the go.

There are several apparent groups here, but if you scroll down the page, you’ll notice others that might be missed at first glance.

When it comes to shopping, for instance, mobile apps account for 47% of all purchases. Online shoppers have a plethora of options, but smartphones continue to dominate.

Also, immediately coming to mind is the realm of news and information. When compared to the abundance of other channels and mediums, the little higher than 40% smartphone penetration is impressive.

Which is the most downloaded app in US ?

TikTok has taken the world by storm since 2016. It was the most downloaded app in the US and worldwide in 2020. Last year, TikTok was also the highest-grossing app in the world, netting $540 million. ( Source : https://truelist. co/blog/apps-statistics/ ).

More stats coming soon !


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