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What is Instagram ‘Take A Break’ Feature For IOS Users

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What is Instagram ‘Take A Break’ New Feature

The social media platform Instagram, has just unveiled a new feature. It’s called “Take A Break” which allows users to take a break from the app for a predetermined amount of time. This feature will be available for iOS and very soon to Android users. This is an effort to curb the effects of overuse. It will be optional, and users can also set reminders for themselves to take breaks.

With the average person spending over five hours a day on their phone, it was only a matter of time before Instagram introduced a way to help us take a break from our phones.

Some say that the key to a healthy lifestyle is limiting your phone time. In an effort to help you stay away from your phone, Instagram has just added a new feature called Take A Break. This feature will move you to the home screen after one hour of continuous use.

Back in the November of 2021, Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram at Meta explained the idea behind the ‘Take a Break’ feature. He said that if users opt for the option, it encourages them to take a break from Instagram.

A message will pop up telling you when you need to take a break, reminding you of the benefits.Now that this feature is being rolled out, it will allow users to set timers that range for different lengths of time – 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes or none. As Mosseri has shown, there are four options.

The app used to offer suggestions about what you might want to do during breaks.Your app should make some suggestions like the following – deep breathing, writing thoughts down, listening to your favourite song, checking off items on your to-do list.

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