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How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat from Android to iPhone ?

how to transfer-whatsappchat-from-android-to-iphone
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Are you buying a new iPhone and thinking about how to transfer data from an Android to an iPhone? You know very well that android and iOS have different operating systems, so it may be difficult to transfer data. Another problem is that WhatsApp does not provide an authorized method for transferring data from one device to another unless these devices are running the same platform. But we have different apps and software available to solve your problem. These are very easy methods for transferring WhatsApp chats, videos, audio, and a variety of other important files to transfer from Android to iPhone. To know How to transfer WhatsApp chat from Android to iPhone, read the complete article?

Ways to transfer WhatsApp chat from Android to iPhone

You know, after purchasing a new gadget, we must store an old device because an old device has a great deal of information, cherished memories, and official data. As a result, understanding the data transmission technique is critical. There’s no need to cling to outdated technology when there are other options available to solve your problem. You may quickly transfer your data from one device to another by following these ways.

  • Via ICareFone Transfer app
  • Via WhatsAppTrans Box
  • Via Email
  • Via  Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer

ICareFone Transfer app helps to transfer WhatsApp chat from Android to iPhone

It is very simple and straightforward software, you also can upload data and use the smart iPhone file manager to move WhatsApp from any Android handset to an Apple device.

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Users may also back up, recover, and transfer WhatsApp messages, contacts, many other business files. By following these steps, users can transfer their data from one smartphone to another iOS device.

Steps to follow to transfer data

  • Install Tenor share iCareFone Transfer first.
  • Secondly, make sure all of your gadgets are connected.
  • Then take a backup of your WhatsApp data.
  • Check the status of your WhatsApp account.
  • On your iPhone, transfer the info.
  • Finally, recover data from your iPhone.

You can transfer Whatsapp chat via WhatsAppTrans Box

The first thing you desire when switching from an Android phone to an iPhone is convenience. It’s simple to locate a variety of third-party programs on the internet, but it’s not so simple to find one that provides you peace of mind. We chose WatsAppTrans Box after a series of tests.

Steps to follow

  • Download the WhatsAppTrans Box Toolkit.
  • Your Android device’s WhatsApp information should be downloaded.
  • Transfer WhatsApp from an Android Phone to an iPhone
  • Restore WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

Via  Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer

Following extensive research, we have determined that transferring data with Mobitrix WhatsApp transfer is a very convenient method. It is incredibly safe, secure, and simple to use without the need to utilize Google Drive, and it is also fully free, so you must use the Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer program to transfer data.

Steps to follow

  • Get the Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer application.
  • Next, connect your Android device and iPhone to your computer with USB connections.
  • Select Transfer from the drop-down menu. After that, select Transfer. Immediately, all of your WhatsApp data will be moved from your Android to your iPhone.

Via Email

Email is very popular among people and I think everyone knows about emails it is also a convenient way to transfer data easily, but there is a problem it is time-consuming. You have to transfer your chats one by one, which may consume all of your time. By following these ways, you can transfer your data.

Steps to follow

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android smartphone and pick the WhatsApp conversation you want to transmit to your iPhone.
  • Now go to “Settings > More > Export Chat >Email” and select whether you want to attach media.
  • Pressed send after entering the recipient’s email address. Now, on your iPhone, sign in to the recipient’s email account. You should be able to see the chats that are linked.

Final words

After great research, we suggest suitable ways that will help you to transfer data from android to iOS. Now because of the unavailable of unauthorized ways you can follow these ways but in the upcoming time, the official method of transferring data is coming soon so wait for some time. According to, WhatsApp is now testing a new version of the app that allows users to move their conversations from Android to iPhone. When the feature will be available on all Android smartphones is unknown.

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