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How to Hide Your Friend’s List On Facebook

how to hide friends list on facebook
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Facebook is one of the most widely used social networking sites and has millions of users, so it is understandable why some people might feel like they need to be more cautious about their privacy. Sometimes we have to hide our friend lists on Facebook due to some reasons; that’s why one of the most common questions asked by Facebook users is: “How do I keep my friend list private on Facebook?

Guide to make your friends list private on Facebook

There are some people who want to keep their friends list private on Facebook because they don’t want others to see it. Here are some steps on how you can do this:

  • First of all, go to your Privacy Settings page and scroll down until you see “Your Friends.” If you want to take someone off your list of public friends, click “Edit Friends” or “Remove Friends.”
  • The latest Facebook scandal has made it more likely that people on your “friends” list will post something. You can now change who can see posts in which you’re mentioned.
  • Facebook’s privacy settings are always being changed to fix any security problems that come up. We’ve all grown used to this new way of life. To keep your Facebook friends list private, you need to be careful about what you share, who you tag, and where you post the content.
  • To make sure that no one can harvest your “friends” list, it’s best to regularly check the settings of people you’ve removed from the list or hidden from your timeline. It is not hard for people to find out things about you that they shouldn’t know.
  • You can keep people from seeing your list of friends by making it private. People who aren’t your Facebook friends won’t be able to see your friends’ names or photos.

On Facebook, here’s how to hide your friend’s list step by step:

  • Your Facebook friends list is a subcategory of all the people you are friends with on Facebook. When you want to limit who sees your updates, this list is important.
  • On Twitter, you can follow anyone and be followed by anyone. On Facebook, you can control who sees your posts by only being friends with the people you want to see them.
  • If someone is not a close friend or family member, they shouldn’t be on this list. If they are, but you don’t want them to be, don’t be afraid to take them off. We want to help because it can be hard to figure out how to make a list private.

The other method keep privateYour Friend’s List On Facebook

  • Go to the Facebook app on your phone.
  • Then, touch “more” in the upper right corner of Facebook.
  • After that, go to Settings & Privacy and then Settings.
  • Tap Privacy in the column on the left.
  • Find the right place to do it. Who can see your list of people you know? Then, tap Edit on the far right.
  • Choose the people who should be able to see your list of friends (for example, Friends or Only me).

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