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How to Hide Followers on Instagram?

How to Hide Followers on Instagram
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Do you get a lot of comments or likes on your Instagram posts from some people and want to hide those followers and posts to make your account private? We have also explained here three easy and different ways to hide followers on Instagram. So To hide your Followers on Instagram, you have the option of hiding When someone is not subscribed to your Instagram account. You can hide Followers on Instagram by following the options like Set Your Account as Private, remove a Person, Block a Person etc. To know the complete information about How to Hide Followers on Instagram, keep reading this post.

How to Hide Followers on Instagram?

Everyone who uses Instagram naturally wants to maintain some privacy for their profile. Instagram does not officially provide a way to keep the number of your followers hidden because there is no third-party app that allows you to hide your Instagram followers. But there are still many ways to hide your followers on Instagram. By using these ways which have given below, you can hide  unwanted followers on Instagram.

  • 1. Set Your Account as Private
  • 2. Remove a Person
  • 3. Block a Person

Different Ways to Hide Followers on Instagram

1. Set Your Account as Private

When your account is private, only people who follow you can see your follower list, posts, and stories. Here are the steps for how to hide Instagram friends on a private account.

By following the below steps, you can hide your Instagram followers if you have a private account.

  • Open Instagram and tap on the profile button.
  • Click the three straight lines and then click Settings.
How to Hide Followers on Instragram?

How to Hide Followers on Instragram?

  • Tap the Privacy button.
  • Move the button next to “Private Account.”

2. Remove a Person

When an account is set to private, nobody but those who follow you can access its follower list. However, you can unfollow anyone from your account whose messages you’d rather not exchange.

Here are the steps you can use to hide your Instagram following by removing a person:-

  • Go to your profile and select the “Followers” tab.
How to Hide Followers on Instragram?

How to Hide Followers on Instagram?

  • Select the person you wish to remove and tap Remove.
  • Then, tap Remove once more to permanently delete the item.

3. Block a Person

If you want your friends not to see your page, blocking them is the best thing you can do. Blocking might seem extreme, but it’s the only way to hide Instagram friends from some people.

Follow these steps to hide your Instagram followers:-

How to Hide Followers on Instragram?

How to Hide Followers on Instragram?

  • Look for the person’s profile that you wish to block.
  • Select the menu icon (three dots) on the top right.
  • Select Block and again confirm the choice.


There is currently no option to directly hide your Instagram followers. However, with the three alternative options discussed above, you can control who can see your Instagram followers and hide them entirely.

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