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How To Fix Pokemon Home Error Code 10015 ?

Pokemon Home Error Code 10015
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Are you facing Pokemon Home Error Code 10015 popping up on your screen and want to solve this error? Then this is the right place for you. Here, you will learn some of the ways to get rid of this problem. But before providing you with the solutions, there is a need to understand what Pokemon Home Error Code 10015 actually is.

Even though Pokemon Home is one of the most downloaded apps in the Pokémon franchise, it is normal for bugs to show up. The error code is 10015. Pokemon Home Error Code 10015 is one of the errors that might occur in the game. Users of Pokemon Home are encountering this issue and seeking information about its cause and potential resolution. To learn more about the Pokemon Home Error Code 10015, why it occurs, and how to fix it, read this article in its entirety.

What is Pokémon Home?

Pokémon Home is a part of the popular Pokémon series that was released in February 2020. It is a free mobile app published by The Pokémon Company. Its main use is providing cloud-based storage for Pokémon. It also contains the ‘Global Trading System’ (GTS), which was not a part of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. At the same time, it provides the facility to transfer Pokémon from the
Pokémon Bank for the Nintendo 3DS and Pokémon Go for the Nintendo 3DS, onto the Switch.

What is Pokemon Home Error Code 10015?

Pokemon Home is one of the most widely used apps and a part of the Pokemon series, and every platform and piece of software may experience errors as it is inevitable. One of the errors in the Pokemon Home is Pokemon Home Error Code 10015. Pokemon Home users are experiencing this error and want to know why it occurs and how to fix it. It is an error code that users are facing when they try to transfer a Pokémon. Keep reading the article till the end to learn about Pokemon Home Error Code 10015, Why is Pokemon Home Error Code 10015 occurs, and How To Fix It.

Why is Pokemon Error Code 10015 happening?

The reason is not clearly specified, but it could mean either Pokémon HOME detects hacked game data and isn’t allowing you to access the service or sometimes For certain Nintendo Switch users, selecting Save changes and exiting from the Boxes menu while linking to a game causes an error.

Pokemon Error Code 10015 Solution

As the problem is related to the server, the solution lies there too. Hence, we have to wait for the developers to fix the problem.
But still, we have a few ways that might work.

Support Ticket to Nintendo

The first solution that we have is to send a support ticket to Nintendo and try to connect with them. (This solution is only for players that do not have any hacked Pokemon or bad eggs in their profile.)

Delete and Reinstall Pokemon Home To Fix Error Code 10015

Another thing that users can try is to delete and reinstall Pokemon Home. As your account is tied to your Nintendo ID, there is no risk of data loss. (This may or may not work.)

Delete And Reinstall Pokemon GameTo Fix Error Code 10015

If you can see that the Pokémon that’s making the error appear is from Sword and Shield then the last option that you can try is to delete and reinstall your Sword or Shield game.

Necessary Points

Files of Pokémon games are not backed up in the cloud. Deleting the game clearly means losing the entire data Deleting the game clearly means losing the entire data. These steps are advisable if you understand the risks and are okay with taking them. Once again, there is no guarantee. It may or may not work.


Hence, we can conclude that it is a completely server-based error. It can be corrected by developers only, and some news reports state that it will be corrected soon, most likely by the end of this month.

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