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How To Fix Disney Plus Error 401 and Roku TV?

How To Fix Disney Plus Error 401?
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Disney plus is one of the most popular streaming device across the globe. Many users are facing a difficulty in using the app for streaming due to the error 401. If you’re troubled by Disney Plus Error 401 and want to know how to fix it, this post is for you. Disney plus can be used on multiple platform such as TV, Mobile Phone and PC etc. It can be used to stream multiple items such as Movies, TV Shows as well as Web Series. Its excellent service has made it one of the most loved platform, but nowadays most of the users are not happy due to the error code 401. To solve this issue Disney Plus Error 401 and Roku TV read the post till the end.

What Is Disney Plus Error 401?

Firstly, there is a need to know what actually this error is. Some of the users while watching their favorite show or web series are facing a hindrance known as Disney Plus Error 401.

This error 401 is actually a pop-up box which appears suddenly on the screen while users are either streaming or trying to stream something on Disney plus hot star. It is a hindrance to the watching experience of many users.

This sudden unknown hindrance that users are facing is the problem (error 401) that we are going to address in this article.

Why do you get Disney Plus Error 401 on your screen?

The reason for this sudden hindrance can be multiple. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reason for this error. It is mostly a server related problem. The multiple reasons for it can be poor connection, Defective Server, Third Party Apps, Out Of Data Software etc. but one of the most prominent one according to most of the users is Overloading of the Channel. It generally happens when many users at the same time try to stream, as a result the server gets overloaded leading to disruption of the network.

Another reason for this can be the accumulated cache or data on your device. When a huge amount of cache piles up on your device, it can too impede your streaming experience.

Ways to Solve the Error 401 

As it is a server related problem, there is only a limited thing which we as a user can do to solve this. In most of the cases, we have no option but to wait for their specialist to solve the problem.

Still, some of the things which we can try to solve it out are as follows –

Error 401 Happened Due To Poor Connection

As stated earlier, this error can happen due to poor internet connection as well. For a smooth and better experience, you must ensure that you have an internet connection with required speed and connectivity. To ensure this, approach your nearby internet service provider and purchase the suitable data pack, or you can try to restart your Wi-Fi or internet connection.

Error 401 Happened Due To Unwanted Cache And Data 

This error could also be a result of a huge cache accumulated over your respective device. It generally happens due to surfing over the internet. For it, you just need to clear your cache and unwanted data.

Here are the steps to take so-

  • You have to simply open your search engine or browser, now on the top of your screen at right side of you will find three dots, click either on it or click on more
  • A box will appear on the screen, click on history in it.
  • Tick the boxes in front of the various items shown, now click on delete to clear the cache.

Few of the other ways that you can try is to either refresh the app, restart the app or to restart the device.

Disney Plus Error 401 and Roku TV

Mostly this error happens with the user of Roku TV. A huge number of Roku TV users have complaints regarding this. If you are experiencing the same, here are few ways to solve it

  • Try to restart your device. It is one of the common but most useful method to address such error problems.
  • Check your internet connection. Poor connection can also lead to it.
  • Try to update your Disney plus app. Using an old version can also lead to such problem.
  • Try to log out and log in, the app

Using an incompatible Roku Device can also create such an error, models such as ROKU 2HD MODEL and ROKU 2 XS are incompatible for Disney+ plus hot star. Make sure you have a compatible device to avoid such error.


This error is mostly a server based error which appears on the screen. It can occur due to multiple reason. In most of the cases, you will have to wait for the developer to address the problem but still few methods that you can try to prevent this problem are maintaining proper internet connectivity, clearing cache etc. 

We hope this article was useful in addressing your problem. Please tell us your opinion in the comment section below.

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