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How to Fix Chatgpt Error Code 1020?

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Are you seeing “Error Code 1020” on your screen? If yes, your problem is fixed because we have a detailed tutorial to fix this mistake.“Access Denied” is another way to say “Error Code 1020.“In this post, we’ll show you how to get rid of the “Error Code 1020″ message.”Error Code 1020” is an error that happens when you try to log in to Chatgpt AI writer.

Why Chatgpt Error Code 1020 Occurs?

There are many reasons to occurs Error Code 1020 like IP address blocking, proxy server issues, VPN issues, and many more. This error is displayed on the screen with the message “Access Denied”. If the error pop up on you screen it shows that you donot have necessary permission to use Chatgpt. This is because of various reason, such as the model being restricted to certain users or being temporarily unavailable. So to resolve the issue, you have to contact the administrator of ChatGPT to access it. We provide you with full guide to solve “ChatGPT Error Code 1020.

  • Error 1020 “Access Denied” may also occur if your programme is too old, check your software updates and install recents updates.
  • If you receive  “Access Denied” message, Check that you enter credentials (username or password) information.
  • If you receive, “Access Denied” error, Contact the administrator or support team to check if there are issues that are causing the “Access Denied” error.
  • If you are using an API key, ensure that it is active
  • Try accessing the resources from a different device or network to rule out any network-related issues.

Error Code 1020 displayed on the screen with the message

The error code is supported by the following detailed message:

# Access denied 

# Error code 1020 

# You do not have access to

# The site owner may have set restrictions that prevent you from accessing the site.

How to Fix Chatgpt Error Code 1020?

# Reload the Page and Turn VPN On/Off

If you see the message “Error 1020,” refresh your ChatGPT page.

  • The first thing to do is to access the ChatGPT page normally.
  • Second, sign in with your account information. When a “access denied” message appears on a website, disabling your VPN
  • Refreshing the page should fix the problem.
  • Reconnect using a VPN if you normally do not.

# Disable Extension

Problems with ChatGPT are indicated by error 1020. Check the following steps :

  • Open the browser’s “Extensions” menu and click the icon in the upper right corner.

  • Second, remove all valid and extra extension.

  •  You should now be able to use ChatGPT in your browser. Use “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “R” to reload.
  • Verify your Virtual Private Network software as well.

# Clear ChatGPT Data

Clearing the browsing data of ChatGPT is helpful to fix errors you’ve previously experienced on the website.

  • Open Chrome and go to click three dots and choose Settings.
  • Then, Tap on Privacy and security > Cookies and other site data > See all site data and permissions.
  • Type OpenAI into the Search field to find all the cookies regarding ChatGPT.
  • At last, Click on the trash icon next to each displayed item and click the Clear button.

# Verify Your Web Connectivity

It’s time to check internet connection. Since a lack of a stable internet connection is a common cause of technological difficulties. Clearly, you need to experiment with a different online connection.

# Browser Cache and Cookie Clearing

Clearing your browser’s cache should resolve the Chat GPT problem. Below are steps to clean cache:


  • Open chrome.
  • In the upper right corner, click the 3 dots.
  • Choose “Clear Browsing Data” from the “More Tools” menu.
  • Next, select a time range and enable the settings for Cookies and Other Site Data, as well as for Cache Images and Files.
  • To delete all current data, click the corresponding button.

Your IP address needs to be Checked

If your connection is not available, you can use Cloudflare’s “IP Reputation” page check that your IP address is on blocked. If you want to unblocked IP address, contact Cloudflare’s support staff.

# Contact the Help Desk at OpenAI

If you still can’t get to the ChatGPT website or the OpenAI API after trying the above solutions, you should contact OpenAI’s customer service team.


You can ask them for help fixing the problem and for advice.

So, these are the method you need to follow to  resolve ChatGPT Error Code 1020.

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