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How Long does the Hourglass Last on Snapchat Streaks?

How Long does the Hourglass Last on Snapchat Streaks?
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Are you too thinking, what does the Hourglass mean that appears on your mobile screen in front of your chat with one of your friends? This article will clear all your doubt regarding it, and not only this, we will also tell you the ways to remove it. This hourglass that appears on the screen is a reminder to you, but a reminder of what and How Long Does This Hourglass Last on Snapchat Streaks ? We will discuss it all in this article, so keep reading…

What Does the Hourglass mean?

How Long Does The Hourglass Last on Snapchat Streaks

First fall, Let’s clear the doubt what this hourglass sign that appears actually mean, As a Snapchat user you must be aware of the fact that what is a streak?  If not, then let me tell you, when you and your friend continue to send snap to each other for 3 consecutive days then it is said to be a streak and the hourglass (about which we are talking) is nothing but just a reminder, a notification to tell you that your precious streak with your bestie is going to end soon. Which means that it pops on only when either you or your friend has forgotten to continue the streak.

How Long Does The Hourglass Last on Snapchat Streaks?

Ok let’s come to the main question of this article, that is for how long this hourglass appears on the streak or actually how much time is left with you and your bestie to restore the soon ending streak. For it, you must know the time measurement technique of Snapchat, when you form a streak then Snapchat start monitoring the time passed since your last streak. This restarts whenever anyone of you two (you and your bestie) sends a new streak. It runs on a 24-hour cycle which means once the time is over then this hourglass will appear.

And once the hourglass appears on your streak, then you have only four hours to safeguard your streak. This time slot is completely based on the statement of Snapchat users. No official statement has been given by Snapchat developers. It is taken as an average of what users stated, according to the reviews it last from 2 to 3 hours to 7 hours.

How to prevent this Hourglass?

A simple way to prevent this hourglass is to just continue to send snap to each other, but this should be mutual, which means from both the end. You and your bestie should at least send one snap to each other in order to maintain the snap and prevent the hourglass. It is actually sad to have this hourglass in front of your streak as it removes the emoji of fire which otherwise must appear on your snap, as a result it is better to prevent it.

How to Remove the Hourglass?

There are two ways to remove this emoji from the streak. Both of them are as follows-



The first way to solve this problem is the same to prevent it, that is to send a snap before the hourglass count down ends. At the same time, this will protect your streak from getting to end (after completion of the four hours).

REMINDERSending a text will not remove the hourglass, to refresh the streak you will have to send an actual snap.



Another method to remove this hourglass is to end a streak. This will be the definite consequence as well as a solution for the hourglass appearing. If neither you nor your bestie send a snap to protect the streak, then the streak will automatically come to an end. At the same time, it will resolve the problem of hourglass appearing in front your streak.

What If the Hourglass Icons Appears Even after maintaining a streak?

Yes, there have been a few cases in which the hourglass icon appears in front of the streak even after maintaining a Streak. In such a scenario, it is advisable to contact the Snapchat support and to inform them about this problem. The Snapchat support team will look at the matter and will try to fix your issue so that the hourglass icon disappears from your streak and the streak icon once again appears next to your profile.


Hourglass is simply a Snapchat tool that inform users about the fact that their streak is going to end. It is easy to remove or prevent it. We hope this article was informative to you. Please tell us in the comment section whether it was or not.

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