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What is Driver Overran Stack Buffer(BSOD) Error, How to fix it?

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Are you facing Driver Overran Stack Buffer 0x000000f7 again and again on your device? This means that a stack-based buffer has been overrun by a driver, which is one of the most common errors that Windows users report. So get rid of this error and know what the causes and solutions are for “Driver overran stack buffer.” This article provides the best and easiest solution to this error that we have prepared after great research. In this article, you will get complete details about Driver Overran Stack Buffer Error.

What is Driver Overran Stack Buffer( BSOD) Error?

Driver Overran Stack Buffer is an 0x000000f7 error that happens when a device driver doesn’t work right. This error shows that either the hardware or the drivers are broken, and it appears mostly in Windows 10 and 11. It is a critical error that pops up when Windows shuts down because of a problem with the kernel. There are many things that could cause BSOD errors, such as file corruption, disk failure, malicious software, computers that have been overclocked to make them run faster, peripherals that don’t work together, etc.

After investigating all about the Driver Overran Stack Buffer Error, we find out there are various causes responsible for the error, so before jumping directly to the fixes, let’s find out the most common causes. There are a number of potential causes for the driver overrun stack buffer BSOD issue, but we’ve found that a recent Windows update is the most typical one.

Causes of Driver Overran Stack Buffer Error

There are many reasons for the Driver Overran Stack Buffer Error to occur, which we have listed below.

  • Memory modules with different speeds are installed.
  • Your system clock is overclocked.
  • Hardware failure of your motherboard.
  • A RAM is corrupted or damaged.
  • Device drivers are obsolete or broken.

How to Fix Driver Overran Stack Buffer Error?

If you experience a Blue Screen of Execution indicating “Driver Overran Stack Buffer,” you can resolve this issue by following these solutions provided below:

Solution 1: Switch to Safe Mode

The first step in implementing any of these fixes is to boot into Safe Mode. Start the computer in Safe Mode and only the essential drivers and files will be loaded. With it, you may zero down on the source of the issue and find a solution more quickly.

Solution 2: Update BIOS:

Installation of Windows 10 formerly troubled by Driver Overran Stack Buffer have succeeded after updated BIOS. If you think it would be useful in other situations, you should try it out. You should use caution because this is an advanced method. Check the manufacturer’s website for updated installation instructions before proceeding.

Solution 3: Update Window:

Install the latest Windows update Microsoft has released fixes for Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) issues, including the DRIVER OVERRAN STACK BUFFER, that can arise from both hardware and software.

Computers running Windows are constantly updated for you. It’s important to manually check Windows Update, as some updates may fail to install for strange reasons.

  • You may check for Windows updates and security patches in the Settings menu.
  • Choose Check for updates from the Windows Update menu and then right-click to disable it.
  • After Windows detects an update, it will immediately install it.

  • If the problem still persists after Windows has finished installing the latest updates, you can try restarting the computer.

Solution 4: SFC Scan:

As the system file is a possible culprit, running SFC might help. This tool can detect and repair corrupted system files. Scan with a Single-Photon Detector:

  • A elevated Command Prompt should be opened.
  • To proceed to Step 2, type SFC /scan now at the prompt and hit Enter.
  • Third, wait for scanning to finish. You can verify if the issue has been fixed by restarting your computer.
  • Use DISM to fix the system image if the issue still persists. At the prompt, type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image/restore health.
  • After scanning,  restart and do another SFC scan.

Repairing the corrupted system files should have your computer running like new.

Solution 5: Use Third Party Repair Tool or Maintenance Programs

It’s scary to see DRIVER OVERRAN STACK BUFFER as the BSoD error, but there are multiple solutions. It requires practice and patience. There is, however, a more efficient way to restore your system and eliminate BSoD errors automatically.

Solution 6: Uninstall Malicious Program:

DRIVER OVERRAN STACK BUFFER Windows 10 could arise after you’ve installed new applications. It’s smart to get rid of this potentially dangerous program. Get rid of recently added software. By follow this:

  • Inside Control Panel, select Programs > Programs and Features.

Solution 7: Reinstall Windows 10

Reinstalling Windows 10 from start is the last option. If this is the case, we will know if the problem is in the program or the hardware.If that’s the case, we’ll know for sure if the issue is software- or hardware-related. Locate the malfunctioning component and fix or replace it. If you still need help, contact the computer’s manufacturer or a specialist.



We have given you the most effective solutions to the Driver Overran Stack Buffer( BSOD) Error How to fix it?  Hopefully, this article  will help you solve the error.

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