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Best Healers In Dislyte in 2023 (Complete guide)

Best Healers In Dislyte in 2023
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The most well-known game in the world is Dislyte. In this game, players make “tier lists” to compare the strengths and weaknesses of different characters, abilities, or strategies. Most of the time, these lists are based on the experiences and opinions of one player or a group of players.

This game gives players the chance to set up formations. The most important person on the Esper Squad is the healer. Healers are incredibly helpful and can turn a close loss into a win. In Dislyte, there are twelve Healers, and some are better than others and can be used for different things. So it’s hard for the players to know who the best healers in Dislyte are and what characters they should use together. So, we’ve put together a list of the best Healers in Dislyte to help you put together a good team.

Today, in this detailed guide, we’ll show you the best characters that will help you on your journey through the game that is based on a player’s skill level, how they play, and how their team is made up can also affect how well a character works.

Dislyte All Famous Characters


Dislyte Esper Tier List

Dislyte Esper Tier List is given according to their ablities. The best can be found in the SS tier. The top Espers are housed in the tier S section below. To boil it all down, there is a “A” tier, followed by the “B” tier, which is where the majority of Espers fall. Finally, all the unworthy Espers are sorted into Tiers C and D.

Tier SS

  • Unas
  • Clara
  • Sally
  • Lin Xiao
  • Gabrielle

Tier S

  • Li Lingo
  • Lucas
  •  Dhalia
  • Sander

 Tier A

  • Hyte
  • Sienna
  • Donar
  • Tevor
  • Ren Si
  • Raven
  • Hyder

Tier B

  • Chang Pu,
  • Heng Yue
  • Asenath


Dislyte Esper Tier and Their Descripton


Dislyte Famous Character Abilities

There are almost 70 playable heroes in the game Dislyte. Every character have their own qualities that make them valuable to their peers. These Espers have been placed in a number of subgroups determined on their individual strengths and weaknesses. So we have to select some famous characters that are very famous and described their qualities.

Abilities of Shally

Sally, named after the Norse goddess Sif, ranks among Dislyte’s top Healers. Yet, as a famous five-star hero, she is extremely elusive, and snatching her up will require a lot of luck. There is, alas, no other means of obtaining such renowned heroes. It would be a brilliant move to seize Sally if you had the chance. She’s not only there to help out, but to help others get better, too. Being a healer Esper, she is able to cast more powerful dispels and mitigate attacks. Ahead of their turn, Sally heals and dispels all allies.

Sally is incredibly helpful because she not only heals and removes negative effects, but also boosts defences and attacks. Use Sally alongside a defensive group for maximum effectiveness. If you have Sally on your team, you may rest easy knowing that you are immune to debuffs and attacks from the enemy.

Abilities of Gabrielle

Gabrielle is a five-star Esper of the highest calibre in Dislyte. And the best part is that with some time and effort, any player can obtain her through the Esper Fusion method. You’ll find her on many PvP rosters, and she’s often recommended for use against the game’s toughest bosses by strategy guides.

Abilities of Chang Pu

Chang Pu is a Support Esper descended from Yao Ji, a Chinese goddess who emerged as a young girl, has excellent healing potential right from the start of the game. Even though she doesn’t contribute much else to your squad, it may be difficult to locate healing that is more effective than hers until late in the game.
Should you use Chang Pu as your Dislyte Esper?
She’s one of my favorite Espers and should be your go-to when it comes to mending your team. Unlike many other Support Espers , she is unable to deliver buffs or significant debuffs , yet she heals incredibly effectively and can treat both individuals and the entire team.

Abilities of Gabrielle

Gabrielle is a Support Esper with the additional power to mass buff and mass debuff each squad. Rush hits every enemy and deals ATK Down while giving the entire team a momentary immunity and DEF Up. Broadside similarly deals a widespread DEF Down to all adversaries.

Abilities of Clara

In Dislyte, Clara is a potent healer who can boost her team’s AP and grant them security and a shield. With Queen’s Protection, Clara can heal her allies while also removing any debuffs they may be suffering from or, if none are present, bestowing immunity. Clara is an excellent example of a Support Esper. By default, her healing removes two debuffs from an ally, grants immunity if the ally has no debuffs, and converts any excess healing into a Shield boost that lasts for two turns. This, together with her A3 ability to heal friends for a percentage of her maximum HP and provide an AP, makes her a formidable foe. An offensive attack against your team can be entirely turned around by as much as 25%. When tasked with safeguarding other Espers, she and they work together effectively.

Abilities of Ahmed ( Geb)

Ahmed is an Esper supporter with the ability to heal and increase attack power for allies.
There are three separate attacks in Prelude to Life. After each blow, an ally is restored to full health. The World Stage ability heals a single target ten times and decreases the cooldown of abilities used by Espers that are on your team. Ahmed’s main ability is warm harmonics. When Ahmed uses a healing ability, he also passively heals his buddy with the lowest Health Percentage. It heals the target to full health and bestows a single stack of the attack buffing Supportive Song upon them; if their health is below 50%, a second stack is bestowed. Once Ahmed has ascended, he will remove the Diseased debuff.png and then heal the subject.

Abilities of Luo Yan

Luo Yan’s arsenal of abilities includes several that can reduce the health of the opposing team.
The opposing team takes damage from Fate, their Maximum Health is lowered, and they may be infected with a disease.
The HP of any ally who takes damage between the time Life is cast and the end of the turn is reset, and the ally receives the Recovery and ATK Up buffs as a result.

Abilities of Heng Yue

Heng Yue is a skilled dispelcaster and support healer on the Esper side of things.
By removing all of her team’s negative effects, Golden Moon also improves their health. The Undying Elixir Heng Yue uses passively heals her weakest ally anytime she does any kind of action.

In a lot of ways, Heng Yue is Esper’s saviour. Her passive ability helps the lowest health esper in your team by erasing all debuffs. The area of effect (AOE) abilities she possesses are also highly powerful. You should employ her if you have no other available workers.

Abilities of Ye Suhua

Ye Suhua’s unique ability as a support Esper is to grant a single ally a state of near invulnerability.
Star Dancer is especially useful because she increases her team’s attack and defence. Astral Guardian, on the other hand, makes a single ally impervious to harm and heals them, as well as healing them twice as fast and giving them a rejuvenation buff if they are below 50% health.

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