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Chatbot: Best AI Chatbots 2023 (Complete Guide)

Chatbot Best AI Chatbots 2023 (Complete Guide)
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Are you too listening to everyone else, just speaking about Chatbots, Nowadays? Then you must have thought to explore what Chatbot is, why Chatbot is becoming the trending news of the hour, how Chatbot can help you, and so on. If yes, then you are at the right place because this article will be a complete guide on Chatbot. To know more, Best AI Chatbots 2023 (Complete Guide) keep reading…

What is Chatbot?

In technical language, Chatbot is a program designed to assist users. It is a mix of Artificial intelligence and natural language processing. To explain it, imagine yourself in any hotel and think about the staff that helps you out all the time. Chatbot does the same just on online platforms and virtually, It will assist you until you are present on that particular website. Some example of chatbots is ChatGPT, Bing, Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, etc.

Features of Chatbots?

Following are some of the amazing features of chatbots that will make you eager to try them once:

Natural language processing: The first feature of Chatbot that will please you, will be its talking style. These Chatbots are designed in such a manner that their responses to our queries are just like any ordinary human being trying to help you out. The tone of their responses has a natural, living touch to it which makes this man and machine interaction more interesting and satisfying.

Solve your Doubts: These Chatbots are designed to provide 24*7 customer care services to the customers by the websites. They are designed, so smartly, that they have the capability to answer most of our queries.

Personal Attention: These chatbots provide their service to each and every user individually. They are capable to handle the doubts from all the users at the same time. They provide one-to-one attention to the users, which can improve the confidence and satisfaction of customers upon the website or service provider.

Real-time Interaction: Another feature that makes these Chatbots stand out is their ability to respond immediately. Earlier, Customers used to wait for their queries to be resolved, as it’s actually impossible for a human being to give a reply to all the queries at the same time and in real time.

How to use a chatbot?

After knowing all the exciting features, you must be eager to know how to access and use these chatbots. For it, you first must know that different Chatbots can have different ways to access and use them, but a general way that most of the Chatbots had, is as follow-

  • Open the Chatbot either on the app (if available) or on the website. For example, below is the link for ChatGPT
  • As you will do so, if you are a beginner, then click on SIGN UP or LOG IN.
  • As this is a beginner guide, we will discuss the sign-in procedure. As you will click on sign in, you will be asked either to use your Email or Google/Microsoft account to Sign in.
  • Choose as you want and sign in yourself. Next, you have to create your account with the Chatbot by providing the information asked by it.
  • After that, you have to just accept some terms and conditions of the Chatbot to use it.
  • And as you will do so, You will have access to your Chatbot.
  • After having the access, you can use it very easily. To use Chatbot, you have to just type in what you want, either your Query or anything else in the search bar that is generally present at the bottom of the page, and press the send button.
  • As you will do so, Your conversation with the Chatbot will begin, It will automatically give a real-time answer to you. You can continue it as per your requirement and wish.

Why to use a Chatbot?

I feel that you must be thinking, what is the use of this Chatbot, is it useful to use, or how these Chatbots will help you? So, let’s discuss this too what are the reasons that make these Chatbots a beneficial tool for you. These reasons will vary as per your profession and need.

If you are a User or Customer:

As already told, your reasons, use, and need will vary with different Chatbots. For a Chatbot like ChatGPT, Bing, its usefulness will depend on your need.  It will be somewhere similar to a Search engine for you if you will ask a general question, on the other hand, it will be useful to one who is looking for specific content such as Marketers, Content writers, etc.

On the other hand, you should use Chatbots like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa to ease your experience on the internet. It will make the use of these virtual platforms easy for you.

You can use assistant present on E-commerce websites such as Amazon Alexa to address your Complaints, FAQ, Queries, Doubts, etc. As they are aimed to do so.

Reason for Businesses

Businesses should use these Chatbots because of the following reasons:

Customer Care: In the modern world, when customers are the means to success for businesses. Satisfying them becomes the most important. These Chatbots are capable to handle the Grievances and queries of customers if designed properly.

24*7 Services: As stated above, these Chatbots can provide 24*7 service to businesses as per their need and work.

Cheap: These Chatbots are a one-time investment. You have to invest in them once. As they are a program, the cost to use them will be far less than labor.

Cost-effective: These Chatbots will surely be a cost-effective investment for you. As everyone knows that technology is always better than humans in terms of Productivity.

Best 3 chatbots For 2023

Each and every Chatbot told below is best. There is actually a very high competition among these Chatbots in the present situation. It is difficult to state anyone. Also, the best will vary for each one of us a s per our needs but yet some of the best AI Chatbots of 2023 are as follows:


A chatbot that has topped the list is ChatGPT. Presently, It is the leading AI Chatbot. It is known for its versatility and diverse cases in which it can be used by its users. Check pros and cons of ChatGPT.


  • One of the best advantages to use ChatGPT is its versatility, It can be used for various uses. At the same time, it can understand and interact in a number of languages, which itself widens its reach.
  • ChatGPT becomes a favorable spot for users not only because of its versatility, but also because of its attribute of being pocket friendly. It’s completely free of cost, which definitely makes it the first preference of the users.


  • One of the major cons of it can be that these chatbots are prone to malware attacks. It can be used by Hackers engaged in Phishing to write tempting and trusting Emails to be fool people.
  • Another threat is that these Chatbots can collect your personal information, which can be harmful to some extent.

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Microsoft BING

The chatbot that deserves the 2nd position is Microsoft Bing. It is the one that is leading and getting popular after ChatGPT all over the world. Check pros and cons of Microsoft Bing.


  • One of the advantages that definitely Bing has, the trustworthiness of Microsoft. Brand loyalty will definitely incline the users toward it.
  • Credibility and Reliability will be the next advantage according to me. It is one of the advantages because Bing provides its users with the sources it has used for its research, which I feel makes it reliable.


  • One of the disadvantages that Microsoft Bing has, is a Slow loading process. As compared to ChatGPT, You will find it a bit slow, which will surely not meet the expectation of some users.
  • Another limitation can be the Limited chat session that Microsoft Bing allows its users. You can talk only a limited number of times with it.


Jasper is the chatbot that comes in the third position on the list. It is specially designed for copywriting, providing an opportunity to its users to Blog post, Copy, etc. Check pros and cons of Jasper.


  • Jasper comes with a Grammarly integrated package which makes it easy for the writers to write in a flow, and to correct their grammatical errors later.
  • Another feature of it is that it comes with copyscaping tools as well making it even more suitable for copywriters.


  • One of the disadvantages that users find is that sometimes repetition is seen in the words that was annoying the users. Even despite extensions and tools some sort of grammatical errors were seen.
  • Another disadvantage is that it is not as pocket friendly as compared to other chatbots. It charges money for Copyscape and other tools, which reduces its efficiency somewhere


This was all about the chatbot from my side. We hope it was helpful to you, you were able to get some idea of what chatbots are. Please tell us your views in the comment section below. You can even leave your queries there as well, we will try to solve them as soon as possible.

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